[AU] Integration for NPP Payments

From start to finish, how to get your Zepto account ready to create NPP Payments to your customers.

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

This article can be viewed as a recipe for getting your Zepto Account setup and ready to issue Payments through your Account Float via NPP to any of your Contacts. The steps listed in this article all need to be taken and are laid out in a logical order. Each step links to another article that describes exactly what needs to be done.

Step 1 - Set up your NPP Account Float

To create NPP Payments, you'll need to have an Account Float setup within your account, have some funds cleared to that float and have all the references you'll need to start issuing transactions to and from the account float.

Account Floats need to be pre-funded before you can make NPP payments. This article shows you how to transfer funds from your Bank Account into your Account Float. This process is set up manually from within your Zepto UI.

Before initiating your first NPP payments you'll need to ensure that your funds are cleared and available within your Account Float.

When creating Payments, Payments Requests or Refunds through your Account Float, you'll need to pass us the correct Account ID so that we know which of your Accounts to use when issuing/disbursing the funds for the transaction. This article will show you how to retrieve the ID's to use.

With your Account Float IDs stored, it's simply a matter of adding a new field to your payloads when making API requests for your transactions. This article explains how to do this and shows an example payload.

Step 2 - Create NPP payment.

You should now have a fully funded and configured Account Float within your Zepto Account, know how to check the balance of your Account Float, have your Account ID's stored and understand how to pass them to us to control which of your Accounts we will use for your transactions.

Example payload for a Payment using the your_bank_account_id field

payload = {
"description": "Cloud test payment",
"matures_at": str(datetime.datetime.utcnow()),
"your_bank_account_id": "01b01b35-08d1-4ef9-a82c-040a0070fb2e",
"payouts": [
"amount": 3000,
"description": "NPP Payout",
"recipient_contact_id": {contact_id},
"metadata": {
"custom_key": "Custom string",
"another_custom_key": "Maybe a URL",
"remitter": "Your remitter"}
"amount": 3500,
"description": "Second NPP Payout",
"recipient_contact_id": {contact_id},

The following article has an example of each type of transaction that can be created through your Account Float and links to some helpful API documentation.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions by emailing us directly at support@zepto.com.au or clicking on the green bubble icon from the corner of the screen.

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