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[AU] Utilising an Account Float
[AU] Utilising an Account Float

Interested in what an Account Float is and how having one will benefit you?

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

If you wish to enable an Account Float for your Zepto Account, reach out to our support at and ask for more information

What Is An Account Float?

Account Floats enable some of our premium features such as expediting your Direct Entry Payments, providing contactless payment capabilities for applications, and enabling NPP payments.

An Account Float is a virtual Funds Account that sits within your Zepto Account allowing you to speed up your payments with pre-cleared funds.

Pre-fund your account:

By pre-funding your Account float you'll be able to initiate faster payouts via direct credits, allowing for same-day settlement (on business banking days). If your Account float is configured for NPP payments, payouts will be instant 24/7/365.

Settle Debits Directly into your Account Float:

You can choose to have your direct debits settle directly to your account float, allowing your application to manage sophisticated payments flow without the funds hitting your bank account. This has the added benefit of faster downstream settlement to end-users.

Where to find your account floats.

See our integration article for an overview of the entire process, from setting up your Account Float, to sending Payments to your customers in a matter of minutes.

Types of Account Floats

Account Floats are configured to meet your specific settlement requirements. The following types of Account Float are available. Please take a good read of these options as once created, your Account Float configuration cannot be changed and you will need to create a new one should you require changes. Our support staff are happy to assist you in choosing the best configuration for your needs.

NPP Account Float

Leveraging the New Payment Platform (NPP), your float can be configured for real-time payouts with a settlement time of fewer than 3 minutes 24/7/365 even on weekends and public holidays.

BECS Account Float

Your float can be configured to use BECS for Direct Credit. Settlement times can be as fast as a few hours, depending on when the payout is initiated:

  • Around 2 hours during BECS processing times on Bank Processing Days (generally Monday to Friday)

  • Within 12 hours outside BECS processing on Bank Processing Days

  • Up to 2 days on Weekends

Hybrid NPP / BECS float

While the NPP is the fastest method of making payouts, there are some types of bank accounts that are not compatible with NPP at the moment. Your Float can be configured to automatically fall back to the BECS network when payment cannot be made via the NPP.

We now allow you to select the channel you would like to use for a particular transaction from your float account. This is explained in our article, here.

Contactless payment Account float

Settle your direct debits into your account float, allowing your application to manage payments on behalf of your customers. This provides seamless onboarding of merchants and customers, ultimate flexibility in a payment flow, and faster downstream settlement.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions by emailing us directly at or clicking on the green bubble icon from the corner of the screen.

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