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[AU] How to Get The ID of Your Account Float
[AU] How to Get The ID of Your Account Float

You'll need the correct Bank Account ID in order to select which account we'll use when processing your transactions.

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

Once you have your Account Float set up and funded, you are ready to start creating transactions. In order to tell us which Zepto Account to use for processing, you'll first need to know the ID's of your accounts within Zepto. You can retrieve your account ID's through your Zepto Payments User Interface or by making an API call.

User Interface

We make all bank account ids readily available in your Zepto Payments account. To find the ID you need simply follow these steps.

  • Log into your Zepto Payments account

  • Click on your name in top left of the screen

  • Click on the Settings button

  • Click on Bank Accounts

  • Click on the blue title for the relevant

On this page, you will see and be able to copy the ID for this bank account. This can be used to specify which bank account to use for a transaction through the API or csv imports.

API Call

If you have an API integration and would prefer to get your bank account ID's this way, it's as simple as one GET request to our /bank_accounts endpoint

"data" :[
"id": "c3157b70-f927-47e5-95de-60268b4289c7",
"branch_code": "123456",
"bank_name": "Zepto SANDBOX Bank",
"account_number": "456789",
"status": "active",
"title": "AU.123456.456789",
"available_balance": null
"id": "01b01b35-08d1-4ef9-a82c-040a0070fb2e",
"branch_code": "802919",
"bank_name": "Zepto Float Account",
"account_number": "1702445",
"status": "active",
"title": "NPP Hybrid Float Account",
"available_balance": 100

You can see in the example response above, that there can be multiple accounts and each account has an individual ID field. This is what you will need to persist so that you can pass it to us when creating Payments or Payment Requests via API.

Feel free to reach out to us by emailing us directly at or click on the green bubble icon found at the corner of the page.

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