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[AU] What Happens When An NPP Payment Fails?
[AU] What Happens When An NPP Payment Fails?

Wondering what happens if your NPP payments fail for any reason?

Updated over a week ago

Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

When you create a Payment through an NPP-enabled Float Account, there is the chance that this Payment's recipient bank cannot accept NPP Payments. The amount of banks that are not up to speed with NPP is small, but this is a possibility and you should be aware of what will happen in this case.

Did You Ask For An NPP Only Float Account

In the event that a transaction through the NPP channel has failed to process, you will be notified via our Webhook system through the standard Credit failed events. We will not retry this transaction and will simply fail it. Your system will need to request any follow-up actions that we should take, for example, creating a Payment using the standard Direct Entry BECS channel.

Did You Ask For A Float Account with Auto Channel Switch?

If you asked for a Float Account to automatically switch to BECS in the event of NPP failure, as explained here, we will automatically retry your failed NPP transactions using the Direct Entry channels, BECS. You will receive a notification that this has happened through two brand-new webhook events. The event names are credit.channel_switched and debtor_credit.channel_switched and we will include all the information you'll need to be able to take any action required.

Sandbox testing credentials: here

Example webhook payload

"data": [
"ref": "C.2pyb",
"type": "credit",
"amount": 160,
"status": "channel_switched",
"bank_ref": "CT.26yh",
"category": "payout",
"cleared_at": null,
"created_at": "2020-09-10T05:07:46Z",
"matures_at": "2020-09-10T05:09:06Z",
"parent_ref": "PB.2p93",
"party_name": "Blake Astley Testing",
"description": "Test",
"failure_reason": "refer_to_customer",
"party_bank_ref": "DT.2j0a",
"party_nickname": "bastley",
"bank_account_id": "f97bd69f-04d9-40de-9f97-187261f37b72",
"failure_details": "Real-time payment rejected by recipient",
"party_contact_id": null,
"status_changed_at": "2020-09-10T05:10:03Z"
"event": {
"at": "2020-09-10T05:10:03Z",
"who": {
"account_id": "8bfcef7a-7969-4b1e-ac34-49ec3f24d914",
"account_type": "AnyoneAccount",
"bank_account_id": "f97bd69f-04d9-40de-9f97-187261f37b72",
"bank_account_type": "BankAccount"
"type": "debtor_credit.channel_switched"
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