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Integration Guide Overview

We've broken down these guides into the following pages to help lead you through Zepto's PayTo solution. In addition to our articles, you can head on over to our PayTo API Docs to experiment and explore further:

For additional information regarding Zepto's other solutions and configuration guides, you can head over to the general API documentation below:


Welcome to Zepto's PayTo API - we're happy to have you aboard. These guides aim to give you a view into what's coming and enable your teams to start forming your payment flows around our PayTo solution.

As well as delivering our scalable, best-in-class PayTo solution, we've become the NPPA's first Connected Institution. Meaning that, we've connected to the global SWIFT network and built out our own banking-grade infrastructure that connects directly to the NPPAโ€™โ€™s Basic Infrastructure (NPP).

This has been no easy feat. The arduous journey to becoming a Connected Institution has, and will continue to unlock a host of benefits such as ensuring the exponential scaling of all of our partners as well as having a seat at the table alongside the 13 Fully Connected NPPA/AP+ partners. Being a Connected Institution means having a direct influence on the direction of the new NPP services, no intermediaries, direct & faster connectivity, and generally being the masters of our own destiny... We are super proud of this achievement, and excited for what comes next ๐Ÿ˜„

As the broader industry rolls out and adopts PayTo, Zepto will continue to iterate on our PayTo offering to ensure weโ€™re delivering a world-class experience. As such, please be aware that we may make small changes to our API moving forward.


PayTo (formally known as the Mandated Payments Service or MPS) is the biggest shake-up in account-to-account payments in Australian history. To date, the only way to pull funds from a bank account has been to perform a direct debit via the antiquated BECS system. This system essentially passes batch payment files between Tier 1 banks, 6 times a day, Monday to Friday, takes a break at the weekends, hates working public holidays, and makes it a real pain to receive funds given a payment takes 2 days to clear - and even then, can still, sometimes fail.

Enter the NPPA's PayTo ๐Ÿš€

To find out more about PayTo, please check out the following resources:

PayTo Availability

PayTo continues to be rolled out across the industry, with a significant number of accounts already online. For greater clarity on PayTo availability across specific accounts, please check with the respective financial institutions that are offering these services.



Retail Accounts

A majority of customer accounts are now live

Business Accounts


PayTo Concepts

Whether you are new to Zepto or are already using our highly composable API for your payment flows, we've learned a lot over the years and have made a few tactical decisions around our PayTo APIs to enable all our platforms to scale safely.

Asynchronous Operations

Our API is designed to be asynchronous to maintain consistently fast response times:

  • Invalid requests:

    • Invalid schema will be rejected immediately (400 Bad Request)

    • Failed field validations will be rejected immediately (422 Unprocessable Entity) with relevant error messages

  • Valid requests:

    • receive 201 Created with a ref id that can be used to track the resource

Synchronous Notifications

There are two ways to determine the outcome of your request. Depending on your integration, you can choose your preferred method:

  1. Webhooks: Each outcome will fire a webhook to notify your application in real-time of the result

  2. Polling: In the event an outcome needs to be checked out-of-band, the resource may be queried directly

Alternatively, combine both webhooks and polling to meet your notification needs.


Include your own unique 64-character payment id to enforce idempotent behaviour throughout the application.

This id is required when requesting a new:

  • PayTo Agreement

  • PayTo Payment


Common Abbreviations




Bulk Electronic Clearing System

Bilateral actions

Where an Agreement action requires authorisation from the other party


Basic Bank Account Number


Basic Infrastructure


Connected Institution


The party to whom money is owing.


The party that owes money.


Financial Institution


The merchant or third party processor (TTP), if applicable.


The informal name for a PayTo Agreement


New Payments Platform


New Payments Platform Australia


The party that is receiving funds.


The party that is sending funds.


Other Financial Institution

Unilateral actions

Where an Agreement action does not require the authorisation from the other party

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