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[AU] Penny Verification tests for your Production account
[AU] Penny Verification tests for your Production account
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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

Thank you for signing up for the Zepto production account. We recommend our merchants do a penny verification test and a few other tests to get started with their production account. This allows you to get a better understanding of how transactions will be processed from our production account.

Please tailor this to fit with your business processes and requirements. It is critical that adequate validation and security measures be implemented into the process (I.e. Ensuring someone doesn't trigger 1,000,000 x $0.01 penny drops to the customer's bank account).

How to get started:

Initial Setup:

  1. Create an unassigned agreement:
    You can start with creating an unassigned agreement from your account. Please be advised that unassigned agreements can only be created via the API. Please find an article to help you through this process attached here.

    • The API response will include a URL, which can then be sent to your customer. If you want the customer to add in the bank details manually instead of our IAV feature, you will need to append the allow_manual=1 at the end of the URL.

    • Please be sure to subscribe to all the related webhooks, that will allow you to be notified once the customer accepts your agreement. You should receive a agreement.accepted webhook.

  2. From this agreement.accepted webhook you should now be able to extract the contact_id field.

  3. Use this contact_id and pass this through our GET /contacts/{id} endpoint.

  4. If the customer accepted the agreement using the manual verification, you should notice the iav_status":null. You can proceed with the Penny verification process outline below. (If the customer accepts the agreement using our IAV feature, the GET /contacts/{id} should return the "iav_status":active and penny verification won't be necessary)

Penny Verification Process

  1. Once everything has been verified, you can try and make a payment to the recently added contact. To do so, using our API as well as our UI, this has been further explained in our article attached here.

    • While making a payment you can specify the amount 0.01 and use a random string/unique identifies for the description field.

    • Ensure that you are making a payment from your NPP enabled float account (check the your_bank_account_id while making the payment using the API or the from account reflects your float account)so that the transaction can be processed in real-time.

    • recipient_contact_id needs to reflect the id of the contact you added using the above steps.

  2. Store a record of this payment in your system, i.e. customer_ID, date, payment reference, and payment description for your future reference.

  3. Email the customer you made a payment to with an online form asking them to enter the payment description and/or the amount deposited into their bank account. Cross-reference their input with the data you've stored. If what the customer entered is correct, flag them in your system as having verified their bank account.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us directly by clicking on the green bubble at the bottom of the Zepto dashboard or email us directly at

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