[AU] Upload A Payments CSV to Create NPP Payments

This article will take you through the steps to make Payments via CSV uploads

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

We offer the ability to upload a CSV file through our User Interface in order to create bulk Payments or Payment Requests. If you wish to use this feature, reach out to our team at support@zepto.com.au and we will assist you.

This article will outline the process you need to follow to upload a CSV and have us process each Payment that is included.

Download the template

The first point of call is to download the template CSV so you know what information you need to include. You can do this by following these steps

  1. Log into your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name in the top left of the window

  3. Click on Imports

  4. Click on the green Upload CSV button in the top right

  5. Click on Payments

  6. Click on the green Download CSV template button in the top right

Now that you have the template, you're ready to fill in each column for your Payments!

Columns Explained


The name of the person you wish to pay


The email of the person you wish to pay


The BSB of your contact

Account Number

Contact's account number


A description of this Payment Request. This will be displayed on both parties' bank statements.

Maturation Date

This tells Zepto when you'd like the Payment to be processed. This should be formatted in the following way

# dd/mm/yyyyT00:00AEDT+1000   (Example: 01/03/2017T10:30AEDT+1000)

Please be advised that you can just enter the date and the transactions will be sent to the processing at the earliest exchange point for example (01/03/2017)


The amount that you wish to pay this contact in dollars to two decimal places. Please don't enter a dollar symbol before the amount.

Your Bank Account ID

The ID of the bank account that you wish to use to facilitate this Payment. If you wish to make this Payment via NPP, you would use the ID for the Bank Account ID associated with your pre-funded NPP enabled Float Account.

You can find this ID through our API, explained here, or through the User Interface by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name in the top-left

  3. Click on the Settings button

  4. Click on the Bank accounts option

  5. Click on the blue reference for the relevant Bank Account

  6. The ID will be located in the details section at the top of this page.

Uploading The CSV

Now that all of your payment information has been entered and you have saved the CSV, you are ready to upload this, telling us to process these Payments. You can upload your CSV by following these steps.

  1. Log into your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name in the top left of this window

  3. Click on the Imports button

  4. Choose the Payments option

  5. Click the Choose file button

  6. Select the filled out CSV in the file picker

  7. Click Upload & Preview

Don't worry, you'll have a chance to check everything before it is finalised.

Once you click the Upload & Preview button, you will be taken to a confirmation page. Here you will see how many transactions are included in the CSV and which ones are valid or invalid. If a transaction is invalid you will see a red invalid symbol on the right of that payment. If you hover over this, you will see why it is considered invalid and if you wish to, you could discard the upload, fix the error and re-upload it.

You can choose to discard this current upload by clicking the red discard button and we won't proceed or, if you're happy with everything, you can choose to proceed by clicking the green Process Import button.

Once you click the Process Import button, we will begin processing your CSV and creating the Payments. Each Payment will be created as a standard transaction and all reporting remains the same as if you had used another method to create them.

Dual Approval

We have the option for Payments uploaded via CSV to need to be approved by another user (uploader cannot approve, unless owner) with admin permissions before being processed. Please reach out to our team if you would like this feature activated.

Refer to our reporting article for more information on how to use your reports and get the information you need.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions by emailing us directly at support@zepto.com.au or clicking on the green bubble icon from the corner of the screen.

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