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[AU] What Benefits Does A Unique Direct Debit User ID Give Me?
[AU] What Benefits Does A Unique Direct Debit User ID Give Me?

This article outlines the benefits associated with having your own Direct Debit User ID.

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

Every Direct Debit Request is processed using a Direct Debit User ID. Initially, we send each request with a default Direct Debit User ID which, in most cases, won't have much of an impact on your Transactions. However, as your business grows and your customer base expands, we are able to offer you a Unique Direct Debit User ID. I'll outline a possible scenario below and show how having your own unique Direct Debit User ID can be beneficial.

The Scenario

Imagine you have a customer, John, that you regularly Debit and have never had an issue with. Unknown to you, John also has a loan with another merchant, Company B, and they also use our platform to debit his repayments. By default, both of you will be using the same Direct Debit User ID.

John goes into his bank and requests that they cancel the Direct Debit Agreement between him and Company B. By law the bank has to do this and will put a block in place between the associated Direct Debit User ID and Johns Bank Account. Now when you go to Debit John again, the transaction will fail as you use the same User ID as Company B and there is a block in place. 

The Solution

Having your own unique Direct Debit User ID will help ensure that your transactions are processed with no impact from any external sources. As you continue to grow your business and increase the number of customers that you wish to Debit, the benefit gained from this only increases. 

If you want to find out more or wish to enquire about obtaining a User ID, please contact your account manager as ID's are allocated on a case by case basis.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions by emailing us directly at or clicking on the green bubble icon from the corner of the screen.

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