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[AU] Integrating Direct Debit via BSB and Account Number
[AU] Integrating Direct Debit via BSB and Account Number

A high-level look to integrate Zepto's blind direct debit offering.

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Note: This article is relevant to merchants integrating with Zepto in Australia.

Zepto supports traditional direct debit through the onboarding of customers with only the BSB and Account number.  Although this doesn't provide your application with our advanced capabilities, such as pre-fail, we still deliver a best in class direct debit.  

The following high-level integration scope supports the below use cases: 

  • Your application only requires the customer's BSB and Account number

  • On-boarding is done via the API with a digital recording of acceptance.  

  • Recurring payment schedules 

  • Variable one-off payments to the same customer

  • Variable recurring payments to the same customer

Sample businesses: lending platforms, collections, invoice financing, payment plan providers, b2b marketplaces, round-up apps.

Direct debit using Zepto is a 2 step process:

  1. Step 1 - Create an Agreement for your customer with their bank account details, effectively 'on-boarding' them into Zepto. 

  2. Step 2 - Issue Payment Requests as per the customer payment schedule. 

KYC-Trusted Agreements 

Our KYC-Trusted endpoints are available to merchants that have met our requirements proving that they perform KYC on their customers.  The Agreements/KYC endpoint achieves the following: 

  • Captures BSB and Account number

  • Creates a Contact in Zepto that your application can submit Payment Requests to

  • Creates a valid Agreement between you and your customer.  

We have a dedicated article that will help you understand how to create KYC trusted agreements and contacts via the API, here.


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