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[NZ] Using OAuth to act on behalf of other Zepto accounts
[NZ] Using OAuth to act on behalf of other Zepto accounts

How does OAuth facilitate marketplace payments?

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Using the OAuth capabilities of the Zepto platform, your application can act on behalf of another Zepto account. This opens up many exciting opportunities.

High-level overview

  • Your customer registers an account with your application

  • Your application redirects your customer to register an account with Zepto. It is possible to pre-fill the registration form fields.

  • Your application requests permission to act on behalf of your customer's new Zepto account. You can choose which permissions your application requires.

  • Your customer authorises your application

This is a one-time process, and once set up your customers never need to directly interact with the Zepto platform again. Your application can now make full use of your customer's Zepto account on their behalf, including:

  • Direct debit funds from any Australian bank account into your customer's account

  • Make payments to any Australian bank account from your customer's account


An ideal use case for Zepto OAuth is facilitating payments for online marketplaces. Your customers have their own Zepto accounts for sending and receiving funds, all managed by your application. Funds move directly between your customer's accounts and their customer's accounts, keeping your books clean.

You can easily automate the collection of your marketplace fees via our Direct Debit capabilities.

Finance Apps

Zepto can be used to transfer funds from and to your customer's bank account and any other Australian account. Leverage this to create a finance app that helps your customers invest, or helps them get paid sooner.

Tracking Applications

If you are managing multiple applications, it can be useful to keep track of which contacts were added by which application. To help you keep track of this, we recommend that you utilise our Unassigned Agreements and create a new Agreement for each contact. This way you will be able to include the application's details in the metadata for each Agreement.

This metadata will be returned in our Webhook responses and could be used to match a contact to a specific application inside your own application.

Tracking Payments

You can easily keep track of payments made on behalf of your customers using Webhooks.


Need a helping hand? From technical questions to integration strategy and support we are here for you 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. We’re also happy to schedule a call to help you plan your integration.

The easiest way to get in touch with us is via in-app messaging. When you log in to your sandbox or production account, click on the chat bubble on the bottom-right side of the screen. Alternatively, you can send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.

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