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[NZ] How long before the access token expires?
[NZ] How long before the access token expires?

Access token: 2 hours - Refresh token: No expiry period

Updated over a week ago

Access token: 2 hours
โ€‹Refresh token: No expiry period

When using the authorisation code grant, Zepto will return a refresh token along with the access token. Access tokens are short-lived and last 2 hours but refresh tokens do not expire.

When the access token expires, instead of sending the user back through the authorisation flow you can use the refresh token to retrieve a new access token with the same permissions as the old one.

It's important to note that the refresh_token gets regenerated and sent alongside the new access_token . In other words, refresh_tokens are single-use so you'll want to store the newly generated refresh_token every time you use it to get a new acccess_token

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