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[NZ] New Transaction Report Status Values
[NZ] New Transaction Report Status Values

All about the new transaction report status values, and what they mean

Updated over a week ago

We have simplified the Status values used in the new transaction reports so that it's easier for you to know what's going on with your transactions.


The transaction is not ready to be sent to the bank yet.

It will sit in this status until it is ready to be submitted to the bank in the next batch. Most transactions are ready to be submitted as soon as possible unless they have been scheduled to take place at a future date and time, as is the case with recurring payment schedules.


The transaction is about to or has been submitted to the bank and we are waiting for the debit to clear, after which we will send the underlying credit to the bank and wait for it to clear.

Once both the debit and credit have cleared the transaction will transition out of the Processing status.


Both the underlying credit and debit have cleared and so the entire transaction is now Processed.


The transaction has been voided subsequent to being cancelled via the website, API or because the bank account has been blocked from making transactions.

You can hover your mouse pointer over the Status value to see the reason.


The transaction has failed due to one of the following reasons:

  • The bank has rejected the transaction due to incorrect bank account details.

  • The bank advised us that the transaction could not be processed, such as when the debtor has insufficient funds.

  • Before submitting the transaction to the bank, we detected that the debtor had insufficient funds. The transaction can be retried.

You can hover your mouse pointer over the Status value to see the reason.


In rare circumstances, where a creditors bank account details are invalid, the transaction will transition from Processed to Reversing.

The debit succeeded, however, the associated credit has failed. The transaction is being reversed.


Once the reversal credit has cleared, the transaction is deemed reversed.


This uncommon status occurs when a transaction has been paused by Zepto. The transaction will not continue until it has been resumed.

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