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[NZ] Managing Multiple Bank Accounts
[NZ] Managing Multiple Bank Accounts

You can now add multiple Bank Accounts to your Zepto account. Read on to find out how to manage the accounts.

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When you register for a Zepto account, you are required to add a bank account and verify that this account belongs to you. By default, this account will be a Primary Zepto bank account.

You have the ability to add multiple bank accounts and choose which of these we should use for your transactions, Claim collections/late dishonours and Billing purposes.

This article will cover the following:

Adding A Bank Account

Adding a bank account is a simple process and should take you no longer than five minutes. Once you have added the bank account, you will need to upload a bank statement stating the account details as well as your legal entity name that was used to sign up on the Zepto dashboard.

The following steps will explain how to add a new bank account to your Zepto Account.

  1. Sign in to your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name from the top left of the screen

  3. Click on the Settings option

  4. Click on Bank Accounts

  5. Click on the green Add bank account button

  6. Enter the relevant BSB and Account Number

  7. Click Add bank account

This bank account will now be added to the dashboard but will be in a unverified state. You will not be able to use the bank account until it has been verified by the Zepto team. You can send through your bank statement for verification using the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen.

Choosing A Primary Bank Account

By default, the first account you register with in Zepto will be set as your primary bank account. This is the account that will facilitate all of your transactions unless you specifically tell us to use a different account.

You can tell which of your bank accounts is the primary account by viewing your bank accounts page in your account settings. There will be a Primary label next to the account that is currently Primary. Should you wish to make another bank account the primary account, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on the blue title field of the bank account you wish to be primary

  2. Click on the Actions button in the top right of this page

  3. Click Make Primary

  4. An alert will pop up and you will need to click OK

  5. You should now see Primary in the roles section of this bank account

Choosing your billing bank account

By default, we will use the first bank account that you added when creating your Zepto account for billing purposes. If you would prefer that we use a different bank account to Debit our fees from, you can do so easily through your bank account settings by adding a bank account and following these steps

  1. Log into your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name on the top left-hand side of this window

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Bank accounts

  5. Click on the blue reference for the bank account you wish to use for billing

  6. Click on Actions in the top right

  7. Choose Use for Billing

  8. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up

This is now the bank account that we will be using for your invoices.

Choosing Which Account To Use For Recovery

In cases, of Claim collection/late dishonours, our transactions team will be reaching out via email to you with all the relevant details. The recovery bank account is used to facilitate such transactions.

Find more information on Claims/ Late Dishonours, here.

To add a recovery bank account, you can follow the below steps,

  1. Log into your Zepto account

  2. Click on your name on the top left-hand side of this window

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Bank accounts

  5. Click on the blue reference for the bank account you wish to use for recovery

  6. Click on Actions in the top right

  7. Choose Use for Recovery

  8. Click OK on the confirmation pop-up

Using a different bank account on a per-transaction basis

Zepto will by default use your primary bank account to facilitate your transactions. However, you are allowed to use a different bank account for every transaction based on your business logic. This can be done via the,

User Interface Integration

When creating any type of transaction via the UI, there is now the option to choose which bank we should use to draw funds from for payment, or deposit funds into for a payment request. It's as simple as using the dropdown box that is either labelled, From Account or To Account.

Example Payment Request:

Example Payment:

API Integration

If you have built an API integration, choosing which bank account we should use is as simple as adding one field to your payloads when creating a transaction. This field is:

your_bank_account_id: {bank_account_id}

Please find the example payment and payment request payloads below. You can also refer to our API documentation here.

If this field is supplied with your request, this is the bank account that we will use to facilitate this transaction. If it's not supplied, we'll use the bank account that is marked as Primary.

Payment payload:

"description": "The SuperPackage",
"matures_at": "2016-09-13T00:00:00Z",
"your_bank_account_id": "83623359....",
"payouts": [
"amount": 30000,
"description": "A tandem skydive jump SB23094",

Payment Request payload:

"description": "Visible to both initiator and authoriser",
"matures_at": "2016-12-19T02:10:56.000Z",
"amount": 99000,
"authoriser_contact_id": "de86472c.....",
"your_bank_account_id": "83623359.....",

If you have any more questions for us feel free to reach out by clicking on the blue bubble icon or email us directly at


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